Friday, 9 July 2010

Barks 1981, part II

Let's pick up where we left off last week. At the Barkses home back in 1981. As usual it's Bill Peckmann who has supplied the photos and letters.

Notice the layout for the "Stranger in the Bar" painting on Barks drawing board below.

The previous Barks post featured some "before the visit" letters and here are some "after the visit" letters.

PS. Do not miss Carl Barks unpublished Uncle Scrooge biography Peter Kylling just posted on his site. Click HERE.

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Andrea said...

I had no idea Barks had written a short Scrooge biography. What's more compelling is the fact that he recognizes that his ancestry dates back at the time described in "King scrooge the first". Now, this is something that has been completely dismissed by Don Rosa (his own words).
Is it possible that Jack L. Chalker saw this when he wrote "An informal biography of Scrooge Mcduck"?. Interesting...
It then looks like that the trio Carpi/Martina/Scarpa did a better job when doing the "Storia e Gloria della Dinastia dei Paperi" back in the '70s.
Great stuff!