Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Moores' Windy & Paddles dailies

Since Michael Sporn recently posted some really nice Dick Moores items on his blog (Click HERE to see them.) I just had to dig out my two Jim Hardy/Windy and Paddles dailies from 1942. These are from the end of the strip and I have a photo of a letter somewhere where Moores wrote that he only had a handful of them himself. So I guess they are quite rare.

The 10-9 daily was bought from Ron Goulart a few years ago and once belonged to Floyd Gottfredsons inker and Disney artist on his own merits, Bill Wright. How do I know? It's got a stamp saying "This belongs to Bill Wright" on the back. :)

I might add that my girlfriend thinks these two strips are the worst pieces of original art I got in my entire collection. (!!!) I personally think they are among my favourites. :)

PS. There is a Norwegian collection of some of Moores best Disney stories for those of you who are interested. Check it out HERE.

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