Sunday, 11 July 2010

Who are these people?

Update October 24 2014!
These photos most likely are the ones Don Ault is talking about during his interview with Paul Murry in the 70's. If so these slides comes from Bill Wright and were taken in 1941.
( Can't update any text below the Gottfredson photo on my ipad, but the shortest guy is Bill Wright. )

It's identification time!
These photos turned up in a flickr gallery a while ago and I guess they come from the collection of Don Ault. (?)
Now, it looks like they were all taken outside the Disney Studios Comic Strip Department. But who are these guys? Who took these photos? (My guess is that they took turns shooting and that they come from one of the artists.) And when? The mid 40's? (And of course, if anyone got these in better resolution that would be fantastic. Images like these can always be used in books and articles on Disney comics history. )

Well, the he first one is actually easy. It's Floyd Gottfredson.

Could this be Dick Moores?

This looks like Al Taliaferro.

Please use the coments field if you got any info on these.

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