Sunday, 11 July 2010

"These top cartoonists" Part I

Just picked up the book "These top cartoonists tell how they create America's favorite comics". Since it's long out of print I thought I should share a few pages with you. Sounds like a good idea, huh? Of course it is. :)
Let's begin with Roy Crane and Leslie Turner of Captain Easy and Buz Sawyer fame.

More to come.


Peter said...

Good idea! I´m interested in Hank Ketcham + Charles Schulz! Please post the pages! What year was published this book?

Joakim. said...

Sure! I've scanned them today and they will appear in a few days I hope. :) The book is from 1964.

Peter said...

BIG Thanx!
I´m waiting ...

like Godot ;-)