Monday, 12 July 2010

Looking for a font

For the next issue of swedish comic book BAMSE we are seeking to find the font that was used on the Uncle Scrooge covers of the late 60's. Not the logotype font but the one/s used for the catchy phrases/titles. See the image below.

Does anyone know the name of this font?

Here's a preview of the BAMSE cover, sans color.


Sir-L said...

WhatTheFont is very usefull when it comes to finding out what font beeing used. Just scan, crop the font and upload to the site.

Francoisw said...

This looks to me like AG old face, a derivative of Helvetica.

Joakim said...

Yes, the Micro-ducks text sure looks like AG old face! Thanks!
I'll let Lise who handles the fonts know.
And them we hope she's got it installed. :)

pogono said...

It is Akzidenz-Grotesk. And Helvetiva is the derivative.