Saturday 17 March 2007

Faster, Mickeymouse! Kill! Kill!

As promised here's more early 1930's Mickey from a British annual. Disney accepted much more "adult" stories back then. So if you dive into the big Disney pond and look at the stuff from the early days, you are bound to find odd and rare gems that might seem out of character today but that was perfectly normal in the 30's.
Below are two scans from one of those early Mickey stories.

When we enter the story Minnie has just been crooned to by a gigolo and given a drink in the bar.
When Mickey sees them he pulls out a gun and says: "Hand over that woman, you snake!"

"Stop," shouts Minnie, "wait until I've finished this cocktail, I've never had one before."
"Then it will be your last," Mickey says. "I paid a shilling for you to come in here and I'm goin to have value for my money!"

You would hardly see this scene in a Disney comic today.
A shame, isn't it. :-)

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