Thursday 22 May 2008

Semic archive Pt. II

Now, back to the archive. :)

Besides original art there is plenty of old proof sheets to newspaper comics. Both reformatted and translated but also unedited original proofs on glossy paper.
Like these Buffalo Bill strips or Johnny Hazard sundays.

Johnny Hazard is BTW running in the Swedish Phantom comic book now wich reprints every sunday in color.

Besides all adventure comics there are also a great deal of Funny Animal stuff. Mostly Walter Lantz comics like Woody Woodpecker but also Tom & Jerry and other MGM titles like Carl Barks Barney Bear stories.
Here we see Germund pulling out a folder and finding, by pure luck, an issue with Paul Murry art and with the original proofs intact. Happy, happy. Joy, joy. :)

When the material couldn't be obtained from Western publishing it could always be traced. Oddly enough the traced image here doesn't match the printed one so I have no idea what it was used for.

The next and final installment to this archive visit will appear early next week.
Here's a little teaser to keep you coming back :)

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sexig fantomen. ;)