Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mickey and Johnny

Are Myklebust alerted me on this publication that just sold on Swedish Tradera.

It's from 1936 and is titled Musse Piggs Julafton (Mickey Mouse's Christmas).
Published by Åhlen & Åkerlunds Förlag in Stockholm. 16 pages and A5 size. I've never seen this publication before. Probably a real rarity. Was there any American edition of this or was it locally produced here in Scandinavia?

And Karl-Erik Lindkvist recently mailed me a photo of his two beautiful Johnny Hazard strips that I just have to share with you. These are from 1968. Far from his peak period but from when he drew the strips larger again. A really nice pair of dailies.
(And I'm still looking for a nice Robbins daily myself...)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will find a decent Hazard strip, Jocke! Just keep looking!

ramapith said...

Yikes, how'd I miss THIS post?

This Mickey book is a stand-alone edition of one chapter from the Yank MICKEY MOUSE MOVIE STORIES Vol 2, which you can see here in a 1988 reprint...

...and which adapts the cartoon MICKEY'S GOOD DEED (1932):

(One of my favorites as a kid... so ridiculous at times and yet so touching... *sniff*)