Saturday, 20 September 2008

Lillgubben Patrik

Here's another neat "discovery".
I thought I had seen all of Paul Murrys printed Disney artwork, but no!
Today this "FIBs gyllene bok" caught my eye in a used bookstore here in Malmoe.
The swedish edition is called "Lillgubben Patrik". The finished artwork is obviously not by Murry himself, but just like Barks did for these books he did the pencils. I wonder if Murry, like Barks got credit for his work in the US edition. The Swedish book only credits Anne North Bedford as the writer and no credits at all for the artwork.

Just a fun thing to find while taking a saturday walk. :)

Edit: Just found the US cover on the net: Maybe this is a reprint edition since it's a Mickey Mouse Club Book and not a Little Golden Book. I don't know.


Steven Rowe said...

the Mickey Mouse Club Books would have come out in the mid-late 1950s. Same folks as Little Golden Books. I have several of them (including one by Dick Moores).

Francoisw said...

I've seen similar children book (in fact color books) where Franck McSavage is credited.
It is however extremely difficult to track down the publication history of these color books, as many there are many reprints consisting of previous volumes bundled together, with just a (c) date.

Steven Rowe said...

- there are lots of books on Little golden Books in the USA. I have a couple of them and put credits of comic book artists in the Who's Who of American Comic Books.
- since Murray isnt listed there as doing that book, it's unlikely he was credited in the actual book.
steven rowe