Monday 22 December 2008

Zip - POW!

A wonderful claymation Krazy Kat Kartoon made by Banana Park.
Thanks to Sofia for showing me this yesterday.
I think Geo. Herriman would have been proud of what they did with Krazy and Ignatz

And speaking of the Kat don't miss the new Krazy & Ignatz book from Fantagraphics! It's filled with loads of extra bonus material. A pleasure for the eye and a delightful, weird piece of comic art.


Andreas Schuster said...

thanks for posting this, never knew that there was this kind of animation with krazy kat in it.
i´ll email this around now!

happy holidays!

-= Steamboat Willie =- said...

Wonderful! Simply wonderful! It captures the epithome of the comic spot on! These british fellows are sure crafty.. ;-)

I tried to find out what the animation is for.. or when and in what context it was made, but came u with zilch. (not Zilch or "D.T." of Lucky Luke fame, but nada, zip, zilch.)

I did however find a lot of original 1910s silent cartoons over at youtube... Watchable, but - of course - not nearly close to the masterpiece comic.