Friday, 27 February 2009


Here's something for every Franquin/Spirou fan out there!
I've had this book for a few weeks now and I have to say that it's amazing!!!
It's huge! (Compare it to the, equally excellent, Fables book below and you see what I mean.)

It has tons of bonus material from Le Journal de Spirou. Including all of the pages deleted from the album etc.

But the main part is filled with the entire album shot in color straight from the original art. You can see every tiny detail, every piece of yellowed tape and every ... well, everything! They have managed to find all of the originals except for one half page wich is included in black and white.

To order your own copy, simply place an order with Marsu Productions. It's expensive but if you see to what you get for the price it's actually pretty cheap. If you are Franquin fan like me you'll love it and treasure it for the rest of your life. :)


Åke Forsmark said...

Uff! Det var ingen dålig prislapp.
- Äh, vad ska man med en sån där bok till, sa räven.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm dumb, but if it's shot in color, how come it seems to be B/W sketches?

(Btw, apparently Cinebook has bought the rights to Spirou and Fantasio, so maybe the original book, at least, will show up in English one year soon.)

Also I wonder why this book is edited by Marsu Productions, since Dupuis seems to be the editor of the original book.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

The original art is shot in color so that you can see all of the glue stains, the yellowed paper, the white out etc
This is as close you can get to have the original art without owning it.

Ainur Elmgren said...

Underbart! Jag älskar det albumet och den där utgåvan ser helt fantastisk ut. Tänk vad jag skulle sitta och analysera sönder varje ruta. För närvarande har jag bara en gammal svenskspråkig utgåva som är så dåligt översatt att till och med icke franskkunniga jag kan se att det fattas skämt. Men det bästa är ju teckningarna.