Saturday, 13 June 2009

Prince Valiant in glorious black and white

I just got a fantastic edition of the first two years of Prince Valiant from Portugal! Every page has been reproduced from sharp proofs or carefully restored from the best scource material available.
It should be noted that even though this is published in Portugal the book is entirely in English!
This is really the way I've always wanted a PV edition to look!
Hard covers, large format, good paper and lovingly restored. Hardcore PV fans will naturally get both this and the new Fantagraphics editions. Myself I think I'll stick with the black and white edition. Just to give you a glipmse of it and to wet your apetite here are a few photos:

More photos can be found HERE.

To get a copy if you live in Europe please order from Manuel Caldas (The publisher) or try The Book Palace in UK.
If you live in the USA it's available through Fantagraphics Books.

The publisher of this black and white series are still looking for a number of proofs for upcoming volumes. So if you have any or even nice copies from proofs you should get in touch with him. Or if you know someone with access to proofs. That way we can make sure this will be the best possible edition of Prince Valiant in black and white.

PS. This was published last year but I didn't know about it until now. And it seems that very few collectors knew about it until very recently. So please spread the word about it so the publisher can continue this project.


Francesco said...

I knew about this alright... what I didn't know was that there was actually someone selling it in Europe! I'd been on the publisher's site, but found no info about shipping abroad... but this other shop you linked, I didn't know about it! I'm going to buy it right away (even though the shipping costs as much as the book, sigh). So thank you a lot for the link!

Germund said...

I can only agree! What a treat to see these pages reproduced in beautiful b/w.

Ioannis said...

The best PV edition EVER. And with pages 2-10 excelently restored.

Diego Garcia Garcia said...

The best PV edition ever, no doubt!
I have the 6 volumes Manuel Caldas published in Spanish (softcover): perfect!
Perfect restoration in ALL PAGES! Even the lettering in Spanish is similar to Foster’s. The ultimate edition of the first12 years of PV!
See two pages here and here And his 2 Lance books in color ( are also amazing.
This is his homepage: You can write to him in English ( He is very kind.
He is also the author of the book “Foster e Val”. It is in Portuguese but has illustrations (big-sized) in every page (128 pages).

Ioannis said...

To Francesco:
No, the shipping costs are not as much as the book: 5 euros only.

Francesco said...

Well, to Italy the shipping was 20$, with no other options. Oh well, I just received the book today (that was fast!) and it really looks amazing!

Diego Garcia Garcia said...

I ordered it from the publisher: only 5 Euros.

Francesco said...

Well, it would have been nice if that was actually written on the site. It's not like you can dream that... :-)