Monday 8 March 2010

La mode cartoone!

Don't miss:
La mode cartoone!
from French Elle magazine at the Disney History blog!
Some top talent was involved in doing this, as this message from Ulrich Schröder explains:
"[...] as this was a collaboration I just wanted to mention that DAAN JIPPES helped me by going over most of the layouts and all of the caricatures, MARIO CORTES drew the all the Disney characters on the last spread (Galliano) and FERRAN RODRIGUEZ inked these (again Galliano) and IVAN BOIX did the color."

Great stuff! Go check it out, if you havn't done it already!

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Håkan / Wakuran said...

Quite fun with all these Disney cameos. I loved seeing Ratatouille.

Btw, is that "Magica de Spell sister" on the Rykiel page based on a real Disney character, or is it just poetic liberty?