Friday 29 October 2010

Update - Alfapojken

Back in May I showed a glimpse of the project I and Hedvig were working on. (And we still are, just trying to squeze in a page every now and then in our busy scedules.)
Now it can be told what it is.
It's a chapter in Daniel Ahlgren's next SH3 book! And here are a few pages from that story as a teaser:

Besides me and Hedvig there are a few other artists on board this project. Lars Krantz and Jimmy Wallin will also do one story each and Daniel will illustrate one chapter himself.

The story I and Hedvig are working on (Alfapojken wich is Alfaboy in english.) will be released as a single issue in the spring.


Brian said...

The art is really looking good.

Are you inking with a brush?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks! :)
I'm inking with a Winsor & Newton Series #7 brush, size 0. For backgrounds I also use a Brause nib.