Monday, 1 November 2010

Floyd Gottfredson 1942

Another watercolor by Floyd Gottfredson has just surfaced! Appearing in the William Randolph Hearst 1942 Birthday Book along with other artwork by KFS artists, this might be the oldest one of them all.

You want it? It will be up for auction at Heritage Auction Galleries soon.
If no one else bids it can be yours for $4000.
The catalog can be downloaded HERE.
There are plenty of nice items to bid on, if you got a few thousand bucks to spare.

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Anonymous said...

Since you posted the original Carl Barks art... look closely at the side and you can see that it's taped on the side and in the middle.

Barks took two pages at 15x20", his working area, and combined them to get a full 20x30" comic page. He worked at a huge size, that was how he was able to get so much detail into his panels.

He gave great interviews too!