Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mirror, mirror, tell me true

Seen this watercolor by Barks before?
Sold at auction in oct 2007.
Titled "Mirror, mirror, tell me true".
Anyone with more info on this?
Which year was it made?
Was it made for any specific occasion/person?


Anonymous said...

I think it is from 1995, it isn´t in Barks list, I have never see it before, probably it is for a special person, because I have never see it before.

-Thanks, that you post Barks thinks. :)

Alex Nielsen said...

I'm the current owner of this Carl Barks watercolor, and its REALLY a stunning piece :o)

My estimate is also, that its from the early/mid 1990's.

I'm not quite sure how many watercolors Barks did, but I guess its not that many again!

Anyone is welcome to contact me on email (find it on my website).

Alex Nielsen

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Congratulations to your purchase, Alex! :)

And I encourage all the visitors of this blog to visit Alex's Carl Barks site at