Friday, 7 December 2012

Robin Toth

Alex Toth boarding Disney's Robin Hood?
Well, at least it looks that way to me.

This storyboard was published, uncredited, in the Disney Archive book "Design" along with three other pieces that also looks like the work of Toth. 
Nice to see his take on "the Fox". ;)


Did a search and found Floyd Norman commenting Toth's work on Robin Hood in August 2007: "I'll bet you didn't know that Alex Toth did some incredible story work on Disney's "Robin Hood" in the seventies. Want to know what Disney thought of the work of Alex Toth? I found his fantastic sketches discarded in a heap behind some stuff on the second floor."

A few more, really beautiful, Toth boards can be found on the blog of Joseph Lacroix by clicking HERE.


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Alberto said...


When I met Alex at his North Hollywood home in 1987, he told me he had been at Disney for three months in 1971, doing storyboards and preliminary work on Robin Hood. Hope more of these forgotten gems resurface!

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Chris Sobieniak said...

I first heard of Alex Toth's involvement on Robin Hood some years ago myself. Some of those storyboard panels also showed up on eBay I recall.