Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The last Li'l Abner

I don't know if this sunday ever has seen print. But here it is. What I believe to be the last finished sunday, scheduled for November 27, 1977.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I would've been three months old when this was scheduled.

Alberto said...


The art on this is by Stan Drake, Capp's last ghost.


Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Alberto: I didn't know that. Drake sure could change his drawing style. :)

Mike Lynch said...

I posted a link to your blog both on my own blog, as well as my Facebook page. Comics historian Rick Marschall made a couple of comments, and I'll paste them here.

Here's Rick Marschall:

Whoever penciled (I still think Stan Drake; it is post-Lubbers, who was invited back and declined) it SURELY is not Capp inking. No signs of his inking style, even in decline. In his last years, when he pulled back from the artwork, even when others penciled and did layouts, he "kept his hand in" by insisting on doing the faces. Even this, however, might be past that. (Although Daisy Mae's head is strangely too large.)

Regarding all this, I spent an afternoon with Capp right after he announced his retirement (but while the strip was still appearing, winding down). I asked him a (standard) question: when did he think he did his best work. Immediately he said: "Last week." Then he admitted he knew that wasn't true... and that's why he was giving up the strip for some fresh new talent to take the space in the funnies. But, he said, "every artist has GOT to believe the best work he ever did was the most recent. It's the only way you can go on," words to that effect. Wisdom for creators.

Unknown said...

Though it says "to be cont'd" in the last panel, I notice that the fat lady is getting ready to sing.