Monday 9 May 2016

Blondie 1945 vs 1956

These two strips were recently sold at auction. Interesting to see the differences in timing and artwork.

Guess these are not the only two versions of the same gag?
If you have one feel free to scan and to post a link. Would be fun to see more versions. 


Smurfswacker said...

Interesting comparison. I understand why the gag was re-worked. Someone wondered, "Why didn't Dagwood lock the bathroom door?" and they felt compelled to answer that question. All the same I feel the earlier version works better. In the thirty seconds we spend reading the strip we don't question the logic right away; first we respond to the surprise of seeing Dagwood hanging out the window. The newer version tips us off early that Dagwood is in the tub, which mutes the surprise of seeing him in the last panel.

However neither version addresses a more fundamental lapse of logic: Would visitors looking for Blondie really check in the bathroom, especially if the door is closed?

Chris Sobieniak said...

Knowing how strips are usually done, I can only assume Chic just needed to get it down and onto the next day's panel. Recycling the same joke a decade or two later is a good way to kep yourself from going insane coming up with a new topper.

But Smurfswacker is right, it is rather silly company would be going to the bathroom like that.