Monday, 22 June 2009

Andy Hardy by Al Hubbard - Part I

A few weeks ago I picked up a scribbled script for a 1953 Andy Hardy story.
Andy Hardy was produced by Western, the same company that produced Donald Duck and Woody Woodpecker and had artists like Carl Barks and Paul Murry as freelancers back in the 50's.
I think there were only six issues made of Andy Hardy and that four of them were published as Four Color one-shots. This scribble was made for the third one-shot. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Now, the artist responsible for the artwork in the issues I've seen was Al Hubbard. The artist behind "Scamp" in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. He also did the best version of Fethry Duck for overseas publication and "The Adventures of Peter Wheat"and "Mary Jane and Sniffles". While I don't have a copy of this issue of AH yet (I'm waiting for it to arrive from the states)I suspect this script is also done by Hubbard. Or does anyone have any suggestion who the writer might be?
As soon as I get the published version I'll post a page by page comparisation between the script and the finished comic.

While we wait for that one, here are some panels from Andy Hardy One-Shot #515. Just to wet your appetite. :)


Anonymous said...

Andy Hardy looks like fun reading. Is it in public domain?

Anonymous said...

(I guess there's no reason that it should be in PD)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I guess that Andy Hardy is owned by MGM and that the comic books were made with a license from them.

I know there are several issues available on then net. No "legal" downloads though.