Monday, 29 June 2009

The BaBa sketchbooks

Today we photographed all the bonusmaterial for the upcoming BaBa book. The preface is also beeing written and some missing strips is beeing searched for etc. The book is slowly progressing but I think it will be finished in time for the bookfair in Gothenburg this autumn (September).

Until then, here are a few pages from Rinaldo's BaBa sketchbooks. Over the years he filled 63 of those. All featuring germs of ideas for BaBa strips and more finished gags. These sketchbooks were the place where the strips were born. It's facinating to be able to follow the creative process by looking in these sketchbooks.
There will be a few pages in the BaBa book but not as many as I wish there could be. So here are a few from sketchbook 60 for your enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Rinaldo would probably have made a good animator!