Monday, 8 June 2009

Too much Bamse stuff...

I mentioned that I was going through my closet, sorting through all of my Bamse stuff. Well, I took some photos that probably will make some hardcore Bamse collectors go drooling for hours. The rest of you will probably think I'm a lunatic that should get a life. ;)
Well, now that all of my extras has been packaged down and storaged most of this will go back into my closet and my apartment will look normal again. :)

Here we go...
First we have some photos of mixed Bamse comic books and albums. Some rare items and some common.

Then some foregin editions. Notice that these sometimes have variations of the Swedish covers or covers not used in Sweden.

Some promotional editions and giveaways. Some for a travel company, one for a stuttering association, a styleguide only available to licence partners etc. Good luck finding them. :)

Some odd and rare stuff.

Some mixed paper lots. The stuff you keep...

Back in the 90's, before web approval and digital printing we had to approve black/blue and white preview copies like these. I kinda miss them. They smelled so heavy of chemicals that you could get a headache though. I guess these are the only surviving copies.

To finish this post some Rune Andréasson (The creator of Bamse) oddities that I've bought over the years.

If you see something in these pictures you want to ask about, please do. I'll only be happy to answer. (If I can.)

Now, enough of this "archive porn". :)


Oskar Forsgren said...

What's with the Kalle Anka/Bamse issue? Is that Francisco Tora's handwriting in the letter in english? I recognize my own and Hedvig's on some others. :-)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

The Kalle Anka/Bamse issue is a one of a kind item that I saved from beeing trashed when we moved out from the old fire station.
I think it was made to celebrate Donald Duck turning 60 in 1994. (It was made before I began working there.) The artwork on the front cover is by Bo Michanek (and maybe with Thomas Holm involved in the inking?) and the rest ofthe issue is made out of two different Bamse and Kalle Anka issues. First cut up and then put together spread by spread.

Yes, you can see part of a fax from Francisco Tora.
I think I only have one original Tora letter saved. Most of our correspondence was via fax.
I have saved some of yours and Hedvigs letters along with other freelancers. Always fun to have.
And I have some early "fan art" by Simon too. :)

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Hmm... Maybe the Bamse/Kalle Anka drawing is all by Thomas Holm doing it close to Michaneks style...

Simon Bülow said...

Trevligt! Jag tittar gärna på din samling, vare sig det skulle bli i Malmö eller Seriearkivet i Lund. Vad innehåller teaterhäftet från 1998 utöver Runes sista serie? Hur har du lyckats få tag på de engelska Kärnan-häftena från 60-talet?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Teaterhäftet innehåller lite texter och bilder på bla Göran Persson, Carl Bildt och Olof Thunberg. En illustration av Lars B och lite reklam. Fråga mig om den när du kommer upp på redaktionen så kan du få kika i ett ex.

De engelska utgåvorna av Kärnan häftena har jag hittat på engelska eBay. :)

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Where's the comic of "Bamses värld och verkligheten" ("Bamse's World and the Reality") from?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Håkan: That's the "teaterhäfte" from 1998 that Simon mentions above. Rune Andreassons very last Bamse comic.

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Aaahh, thanks. Slightly too PC preachy, but interesting to see. So, what thater was it drawn for?

Håkan / Wakuran said...

By the way, for the Kalle Anka/Bamse issue, am I right in assuming the KA/B handshake on front is the only original artwork for the magazine, and the rest jut cut and pasted together as a gimmick?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Håkan: The theatre program was made for "Spektakelhuset" in Rosengård in 1998.
And yes, the only original artwork made for the cut and paste issue is the front cover.
I found so much rare and odd Bamse and Kalle Anka stuff while going through my closet that I could start an entire blog devoted to them. But no, I'm more than busy already. :)

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Aah, alright. Thanks for your reply.

Håvard Broberg said...


Could you please tell me something about the origin of the almost square issue lying to the right of the styleguide?
I own the norwegian version of it and I've been unable to find out how and when it was published.
It seems to be a giveaway of some sort, but could you tell me more about it?

Joakim said...

Håvard: If I remember right it was produced as a giveaway for Lindex. There was also an english version produced. I think that version was a giveaway at international bookfairs.

Håvard Broberg said...

Joakim: Thank you very much :)

Your answer seems likely as Lindex has lots of clothes featuring Bamse.
I still find it a bit strange that the issue doesn't contain any lindex ads.

Håvard Broberg said...

Do you know or have the opportunity to find out which year it was published?

According to it was published in 2005, but I find that hard to believe as the logo on the front page was used in the period 1997-2004 (according to

The reason I'm asking is that I am a collector, and it is an integral part of my collection to know the origin of the magazines.
I'm also a user of a web site who tries to index all norwegian, swedish and danish comic book issues and this issue is missing there.
In order to register it properly certain information is needed.

Thank you in advance :)

I must also say that you have a very impressive collection of Bamse stuff