Sunday, 7 June 2009

Toth vs Campbell

Remember the E Simms Campbell illustrations I posted a few days ago?
I thought the one with a woman in a bathtub looked familiar. And now I've found the Alex Toth illustration I was thinking of.
Just take a look at the photo below. I guess Alex saw Campbells artwork in Esquire and did his own "version" of it.
BTW: Was Alex artwork printed anywhere before it appeared in Manuel Auads "Black & White" book?


Sir-L said...

They sure do look simular. However the situation itself is not that unique, "Blondie" and several other comic strips have used that gag.

Steven Rowe said...

I have a 1920s issue of Ballyhoo, that is their special "woman in a bathtub issue" consisting of mainly cartoons (and Im not looking this up, so I think) illustrations of women being surprised while in the bathtub.