Sunday 6 May 2007

Mike Barrier's Capt. Egg

It's waaay too hot here in Sweden right now to blog, or do anything else for that matter.
But, as promised, here are a few samples from Mike Barrier's "Captain Egg". All taken from Bill Spicer's (Yes, Barks fans, THAT Bill Spicer.) magazine "Fantasy Illustrated" #7, spring 1967. The color piece was the magazines backcover. The front was graced by a Dan Adkins and Wallace Wood science fiction drawing.
Some of you might recognize one of the panels that was used as an illustration along with a letter from Barks to Barrier in the Carl Barks library albums. You can really see the Barks influence in these samples. I wonder if there are more Capt. Egg stories in other magazines from that period?
Anyway, enjoy!

Tomorrow I'll post some more rare Paul Murry stuff and soon some of George Wunders try-out strips for Terry and the Pirates made in 1946.

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