Wednesday 26 September 2007


I'm off to the Gothenburg bookfair tomorrow and there's no time to blog really. But, try to stop me...

Today we have three oddities. Strips that never saw print. First out is a rather small photo of a strip called "Shadow at beaver creek". Saw this on eBay a while ago and was almost tempted to buy it. Not that it looks good or anything but someone must have believed in his idea. ("His idea", by the way, it looks more like a Spirit rip-off...) You see, this is strip 757 and 758 (!!!) dated 2/15/54 and 2/18/54.
Just imagine doing over 700 strips and not having them published. Or maybe I'm wrong? They could have been published in some local paper.

The second example is a half finished 1942 sunday of "Duke and the Major" by Garnersmith and Burroghs. It doesn't look that bad. Anyone who knows what happened to them?

And last we have some samples of an unfinished Bus Sawyer page. Anyone who knows who did this? Bill Wright?
It was for sale a while ago and I regret not buying it. If the owner reads this, please let me know if it's still available.

Now I gotta run. Have to pack my bags and eat something. Off I go!

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Anonymous said...

That "Duke and the Major" strips give me "Li'l Orphan Annie" vibes...