Sunday 16 September 2007


This weekend has been just about relaxing, having a hangover and just enjoying life.
Yesterday I went to the library around noon, sat down in a sofa reading Milligans and Allreds "X-Statix".
Just some plain superhero fun that I usually don't read, and I fell asleep there with my mp3-player in my ears.
Today we took a long walk along the beach, smelled the sea and strolled around in the newly built area Bo01.
Ahhh... weekends. :)

Right now I'm in the studio scanning two nice panels from old sunday pages. I've scanned them high res. and will make large prints of them for my walls at home. (The goal is to make them look like two Lichtenstein paintings, but with better artwork...)
The panels I've chosen are by my two favourite Bobs. Namely Lubbers and Oksner!
My friend Andrew Pepoy (See link to the right under Artists - International) sold me a big stack of Long Sam and Cairo Jones a few years ago, and it's from two of those these panels are taken.
Back then I thought that they were really expensive but I have since realized that I'm lucky to have them at all. Hard to find and I've really enjoyed them over the years. Definitely worth whatever I paid for them. (Not to mention they are excellent as swipefiles when you run out of inspiration...)

And here are the panels in case you wonder what they look like.
Long Sam by Bob Lubbers.

Cairo Jones by Bob Oksner.Just imagine those giant size on the wall...
Ah, those beautiful screen tone colors. ;)

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