Wednesday, 15 October 2008

This and that

Thanks to Simon Bülow I now have copies of more articles from Filmjournalen regarding the Walt Disney - Nils Holgersson project!
I'll post those soon. (When the scanner in the studio isn't occupied. Hopefully tomorrow.)

I'm having a cold right now so I havn't been in the studio that much this week. In case you wonder why there hasn't been any posts this week. But I've finished what might be the last "Emma & Sara" page, for the x-mas issue of Julia. I'll try to post the final panel tomorrow. It's a nice but weird panel. :)

Later this evening I'll meet my good friend Germund. We'll select original art and do a dummy for a special section of an upcoming issue of Bild & Bubbla. The last two issues of B&B has featured special sketchbook sections with odd and unseen art by well known swedish comic book artists. But this one will focus on gems from mine and Germunds collections of original comic book and strip art.
There will be plenty of old newspaper strips and some really rare Disney art. And some modern pieces and Scandinavian artwork of course. Look for it in 2009.


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You didn't miss my comment on Börnfelt in the prior post?