Monday, 6 October 2008

Young, Dora and Brummelisa

Got this one from the printer today!
It's the first childrens book I've written! :)
Well, the characters aren't mine. Bamse is the most well known comic book character for children 5-8 years old here in Sweden and everything is owned by the Andréasson family. And the script is based on a story I plotted and Mårten Melin scripted for the comic book in 2004. The artwork is by Lars Bällsten and Ann Härdfäldt. The cover has a few coloring mistakes and the spine has a slight misprint. But still...
It's a nice little hardcover book. :)
And as you've already guessed by seeing the cover it's a sugar sweet love story. ;)

And here's the rest of that Dumb Dora daily scanned from a 1932 tearsheet.

And as a follow up to the Chic Young post here are a few more that caught my eye recently:

This one dated is June 14, 1940.

And here he is with Olivia De Havilland, February 1940.

Finally Mr. Young when he was young with two young bathing beauties: Jane Lane and Gretchen Davidson.

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Francoisw said...

Raaa.... all those beauties from the past.

Who said it doesn't pay to be a cartoonist?