Sunday, 30 November 2008

New Elsje and Havank!

Before posting the final part of the Gottfredson article, here are some goodies that was sent to me from Holland last week. I just wanted to show them here since most of you who reads this are not living in Holland and might not have heard about/seen these publications. (Sorry about the bad quality of the photos. The camera doesn't like me. Either that or I'm a bad photograper who can't stand still while shooting... )

Gerben Valkema, the artist behind Elsje sent me this package that included the latest Elsje album and a nice print. (Limited to only 200 copies.) Even if you can't read dutch (I can't.) you should pick this up just because of the artwork and the coloring. I've mentioned what kind of coloring I don't like on this blog before but here's how it should be done. Colorists: buy this book and let it inspire you. :)

He also sent me the Havank teaser published earlier this year and a smaller book with sketches and layouts etc for the first Havank album.
The teaser is large, btw! I've included my iPod in the picture so that you can get an idea about the format. It's a pleasure to see Daniers artwork in this size.
Needless to say I'm looking forward to see the new Havank album! Aw, I'm looking forward to any new Danier/Jippes artwork. But I guess you all know that by now. :)

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