Wednesday, 5 November 2008


It's quiet here. Isn't it?
One reason is that the internet in the studio is down, and probably will be for a few more days. And even if I should be able to upload pics from the portable mac I'm using now it would be too much trouble. Or maybe I'm just lazy. I dunno...
When the mac with a scanner is connected to the net I'll begin posting some stuff again. Promise.

I'm currently in Gottfredson mode, and I've begun re-reading Gladstones Mickey Mouse reprints from the 80's. (Remember the oldfashioned paper and the beautiful Jippes covers on those? Having a sheet of paper next to me when I'm reading I try to draw and to understand Gottfredsons way of posing his characters and how he was thinking. ("Analyzing, analyzing ..." as my girlfriend would say.) Both regarding his and Merrill de Maris plots and his artwork. They were really good! And let's not forget Ted Thwaites, a great inker!

I wonder if anyone knows more about the artists and writers around Gottfredson? Who were Merrill de Maris, Ted Osborne and Ted Thwaites? I mean who WERE they as persons. What did they do before and after Disney? I'd love to see some of de Maris writing that's not Mickey Mouse strips.
And what about photos from the Comic Strip Dept at the studio 1930-1975? Anyone that wants to share on this blog is welcome to mail me a photo or two at sekvenskonst at telia dot com

I'm currently working on this and that. Hope to be able to show you some stuff soon.



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