Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Here's to Hank! Part II

Some more pieces from the Hank Porter book.

Dick Moores:

Jack Cutting:

Harvey ?:

Joe Reddy:

And last but not least, the maestro, Floyd Gottfredson:

BTW: There's an even more amazing book filled with original artwork for sale right now. Just click HERE! (Thanks to Didier at the Disney History blog for pointing it out.)
One of my favourite pieces in that book is by Bob Gesteland. An artist I've never heard about before. But he sure could draw...


Anonymous said...

Moores' drawing looks a bit like Jim Meddick's "Monty" strip - only 50 years earlier. I like the "Floyd Disney" gag.

ConnyNordlund said...

kul med svenska konstnärer :D