Sunday, 13 September 2009

Here's to Hank! Part I

A few weeks ago a bok filled with drawings by various Disney Studio artists was sold on eBay. The book was given to Hank Porter who was in hospital at the time.
Some pieces are really good and some are of lesser quality, but I decided to post all of the images I found on eBay here anyway. (Not all of the pages were shown in the auction.)
It's dated February 1949 and I hope yopu enjoy this unusual piece of Disney history. (I didn't win it but I hope the current owner don't mind me posting these images here.)

This looks like the handwriting of Floyd Gottfredson:

Al Taliaferro:

Frank Reilly:

Manuel "Gonzy" Gonzales:

Bill (?) Walsh:

This was only the first half of the book. Watch out for more in a day or two. :)


Håkan / Wakuran said...

What does the picture on Taliaferro's drawing depict? A woman taking a bath in a small tub seen upside-down?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Yep, you are right! :)

Håkan / Wakuran said...

Hmmm, I wonder about her anatomy. Does she lack an ass or is she an advanced contortionist?

ConnyNordlund said...


Kul att se svenska konstnärer.

HenriekeG said...

That's very interesting! I wish I knew some more about Hank Porter. I've saved pretty much every drawing by him that I've found so far, and it's very high on my list of favorite ANYTHING ;)

DisneyDave said...


I'm currently writing Porter's biography. I've interviewed two of his surviving children, one of whom worked with him at Disney's in the summer of 1944, and have gathered quite a bit of never-before published info.

I have close to 1,000 imagess in my reference library of art he created while at Disney's. I'm lucky in that I own almost 3 dozen pieces of his art.

Please visit my two blogs to see more of his work:




HenriekeG said...

Hello Dave,

I've been following your Toons at War blog for quite a while now. I'm always very happy to see any updates! The pictures you posted on there have obviously been a big influence on my drawings recently.
I've been looking to get the 'Dons Dogtags' book which looks extremely promising from what I can tell from the cover.

Now I'm typing anyway, ofcourse thanks to Joakim as well for sharing such interesting things online!

Lars Jensen said...

Pure guess, but... "Card" = Card Walker?

sandi said...

Do you remember how much the Here's to Hank sold for out of curiousity? It is so interesting.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Sandi: Unfortunately I don't remember how much it went for.