Wednesday 14 April 2010

Somewhere beyond Nowhere

Wednesday = Barksday.

As you can see this week's cover of the Swedish Donald Duck weekly prominently proclaims to feature a "classic Carl Barks comic!" Well, to call something a classic the first time it's published might be to stretch it.
In reality it's a new version of the story "Somewhere in Nowhere", retitled "Somewhere beyond Nowhere" and rewritten to fit 12 pages, compared to the old versions 28.
[There seems to be some confusion about this since the credits in the book lists "Carl Barks and John Lustig (ca 1996)" as writers and artist as: "New artwork by Daan Jippes." Now, this was based on an idéa by Barks and written by Lustig. Probably in 2008. And the artwork by Jippes is obviously new, but can't be compared to the old version drawn by Pat Block, since it's a completely different story.]
Just to wet your appetite, here are a few sample panels.

PS. If you are in Copenhagen May 21-23 make sure to visit at Øksnehallen. Daan will be among the guests along with Peter Madsen, Dave Gibbons, Henk Kuijpers, Daniel Clowes and many, many more.

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Sir-L said...

" call something a classic the first time it's published..."

Isn't that the Disney way?