Sunday 16 October 2011

New Barks, Lustig and Jippes story this week!

A brand new Uncle Scrooge story by Carl Barks, John Lustig and Daan Jippes will be published this week!
It's an unfinshed script by Barks, probably from the 60's, that John Lustig now has finished and Daan Jippes has provided the artwork to.
Here are a few samples to wet your appetite.
And for those of you who lives outside scandinavia: you can always bug your editors to pick up "The duck who came for dinner" for publication. The code number is "D 2010-073".  :)

The original script was sold a few years ago as a part of the Barks Estate auctions on eBay.
This is what it looks like.

Besides the unfinshed script to the Happi Happi story I own and a few one pagers there are at least one more unpublished/unfinished plot out there, that is more than just a story description or an idea. (A plot broken down into pages and panels.) It's labeled as "Gyro's manager plot":

And while I'm at it...
I just wanted to mention this one, dealing with Magica DeSpell.
It seems to be written in the 90's, judging by the handwriting. (There are pages below the top one that looks like they are from a Junior Woodcucks story but the handwriting looks like Barks in his 70's.) Might be a scrapped idea that was written before "Horsing Around with History" or another plot began afterwards. Probably one of his last ones and it would sure be interesting to read it in full.

(If you own unpublished plots like the above samples, please get in touch with me. I'm always interested in trading or buying.)

PS. Here's a screencap from Wikipedia.
I changed it back to just "Carl Barks" since someone obviously pulled a leg here. Pretty funny though, but it shows how unreliable some sources can be...
Thanks to "Sim" on the Disney Comics Forum for observing this!

Was the Simpsons character named after Barks? Hmm...


Andrea said...

Thanks Joakim...
what are we missing in Italy...
waiting for more juice to come along!

Anonymous said...

Charles Montgomery Barks, that's a good one! It's almost a shame to change it back!