Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Walt Disney and Ingmar Bergman

Got two more pics from Simon.
Walt Disney meeting Ingmar Bergman in 1959!

+ An additional Disney item that I first posted back in 2007:

Found this newspaper clipping dated 1936 in the files of comic book artist Rune Andréasson.
The text reads: "The father of Mickey Mouse doesn't have time to draw!" " Walt Disney surrounded by a part of his numerous family."
What I wonder is; from wich publication is this taken? The back of the clipping doesn't give away any information.
And, is it really Walt Disney in the photo?


PS. One more photo of Walt in Sweden 1959 ... :)


Manuel Caldas said...

No, that man in the photo IS NOT Walt Disney

David said...

Definitely not Walt Disney. Wonder who it is?