Friday, 28 December 2012

Joe Martin by McGinn

Today me and my girlfriend took a stroll and ended up in an antiques store. Among the usual old antiques store stuff we found a stack of old Swedish movie magazines called "Filmen". To my surprise - in some of the earliest issues (1920 if I remember right) they ran the rare comic strip "Joe Martin – En filmstjärna" by Forest A. McGinn! More info about that strip, and the first four episodes in english, can be found over at Strippers Guide by clicking HERE.
We took a few snapshots that didn't turn out that good, but still... I bet those of you interested in odd vintage comicstrips want to see them anyway. :) Here are episodes 1, 6 and 7!


Anonymous said...

It's a bit fun that the text where the editors present the strip calls the artist "McGrim"! It's not like his signature is that hard to make out. Nice to see the strips, but I can't help feeling that it must have been a little easier to become a newspaper strip artist in those days. "I could draw that!"

diokletan said...

Well, if you like JOE MARTIN, you'll probably like his grandson GEOFFREY from the PROFESSOR ELEMENTAL COMICS:

International Guest Artist are always welcome!

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