Sunday, 22 April 2007

Calling all Adv. of Patsy collectors.

Just a quick note to tell you all that I'm in the middle of scanning my collection of Mel Graff's and Charles Raab's "The Adventures of Patsy". Got several half years of the strip in various quality and looking for what I'm missing. If you got any strips that you want to loan or sell me, please let me know. (Don't have the dates I'm missing here in the studio, but drop me a mail at sekvenskonst (at) and I'll send you a list. )
The strips are scanned in high resolution and will be mounted as the sample shows. In InDesign and saved as pdfs.
Anyone who loans strips to me for this project will naturally get these pdfs.
When I get some full years scanned and mounted I'll take the pdfs to the printer and have them printed. Naturally I will make additional books for the people who has participated for the same amount I'm paying myself.
Please be aware that this is my "little hobby project" and that it takes time, time and even more time.
But anyone who wants to participate: feel free to let me know, so that we who loves this strip finally can get our runs complete! :)

PS. If you're planning to bid on Patsy strips on eBay please feel free to drop me a line. I wont bid against you if you are willing to loan me/scan the strips. But I'll fight (with a truckload of money) for the strips I'm missing. Now you have been warned.:)

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