Sunday, 15 April 2007

Love Hurts - The art of Kim W Andersson

Time to make another short presentation of one of the talented artists in the Studio: Kim W Andersson.

He has been here since the studio started a few years ago and is currently working on his new series "Love Hurts". Romantic horror comics dealing with his favorite subjects, love and fear. They are inked with bold thick strokes with lots of contrasts between light and dark. Think of a mix between Duncan Fegredo and Mike Mignola with a touch of Peter Snejbjerg and you'll be pretty much spot on.
"Love Hurts" can be found in the Swedish comic book NEMI every month and is syndicated via Europa Press.
Also: His Mac and speakers also provides the soundtrack to the Studio in the afternoons. As I write we listen to Foo Fighters. I'm ever so thankful that he's got good taste when it comes to music and that his Mac is stuffed with it.

Here we can see him inking at his drawing board.

And here are a few sample pages from Love Hurts.

More can be found at his website: Lucky Death Comics presents Kim W Andersson Check it out!

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