Thursday, 5 April 2007

Emma & Sara #151 pt.I

It's been a while since I wrote something about my own artwork and what I'm up to now. As usual it's "Emma & Sara" for the Julia magazine that occupies most of my time. Had some trouble with my new script but with the help of my co-writer Emma I managed to get past the writers block and actually get an idea down on paper.
The plan was originally to get page #151 done this easter weekend, but thats most likely not about to happen. I just work way too slow for my own good. However, for this page I'll post every step and take you through the daily development of a comic page.

This first post shows the scribbles/the script that I finished in my kitchen right after lunch today.
Since I quit early from my work at Egmont I went straight to the studio afterwards. I then started to prepare the sheet of paper that I'll draw on, like drawing all the borders and pencil all the dialouge. (Unlike some of my colleauges here in the Studio I do all my work on one sheet of paper and then erase all the graphite lines when inking is finished).
But... well... Myself, Kim and Johanna started to drink Rum and Coke instead of working, not much work has been done so far. But the day is not over yet! Stay tuned and you will see this page develop, step by step.

For those of you that's here for the Disney stuff I have some good news: Germund Von Wowern has allowed me to post rare stuff from his gigantic collecction of rare artwork by Mickey Mouse artist Paul Murry. There will be pin-ups from 1950's girlie magazines and unseen/unpublished stuff. (And some nude (!!!) drawings from my own Murry archive too!)
Begining this monday every monday will be "Murry monday"! Don't miss it!

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