Friday, 6 April 2007

Emma & Sara #151 Pt. II

Here's the second stage in the development of my current Emma & Sara page.
Now all of the action has been pencilled in with rough lines. Notice how I've tried to give all poses one strong line of action to make them feel moving/alive. Worst thing that can happen to a pose is that it appears to be stiff or static.
Also, and all of the dialouge has been pencilled and is redady to be inked on the original. (Never have used digital fonts. All is hand letterded and hand drawn down to the logo.)
The next step will be to ink the borders and to refinie and clean up the characters and the backgrounds so that they can be inked.

It's also great to know that so many out there are reading this blog.
I now have readers from such different places as Storsletta and Skillemo in northen Norway to Syracuse and Manteca in USA.
Keep spreading the word if you enjoy it.

PS. Right now I'm having the new "Säkert" CD on repeat here in the studio. It's one of the best new album I've heard since Håkan Hellströms debut. Makes me feel happy. :-)

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