Monday, 16 April 2007

Jonny Janck

Allan Holtz just posted some interesting examples of the Johnny Hazard "clone" Johnny Stardust over at his Stripper's Guide.
But did you know that Sweden also had it's rip-off version of Frank Robbins successful aviation strip?
Back in the early fifties Jan Ullén made "Jonny Janck" (Pronounced "Johnny Yank".) for a Swedish weekly, wich name I keep forgetting.
I only got this tearsheet marked #5/1952 on the back.

Even though is crude I just love the effort. The guy must have been a fan of Robbins artwork and really wanted to do his own take. Hey, he even made it with a panel grid so that it could be re-formatted, even though it only was published in this format...
I wonder how long it lasted.
If anyone out there got more I'd be happy to see them!

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Anonymous said...

Det var rackarn i mej riktigt snyggt i jämförelse med andra samtida serier. Helt okänd för mej.