Monday, 23 April 2007

Murry Monday Pt. III

Just returned from a Midlake concert and way too tired to blog today. But hey, its Muuuuuuuuuurry Monday!:)
For a change here are two samples of surviving Murry art. The cover to Mickey Mouse 159 and a Super Goof cover. Scans that I saved a few years back when Paul Murry artwork was really, really rare and fetched high prices.

Nowdays it seems that every collector has at least one page. Myself I've got four comic book pages and a few sketches and nude pastels. Got mine from Don Ault who met Murry in the 70's. BTW: I guess that Don is also the reason why so much 70's Murry art has survived, something wich I'm really grateful for. More on that some other day. I'm in sleep mode now... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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Anonymous said...

Murry covers are still a pretty rare sight though! I fondly remember the "ice ray" story (Super Goof 6) from my childhood and would have loved to see this cover up close. But alas, at least a few years ago it was stuck in a German collection