Sunday, 26 July 2009

Andy Hardy by Al Hubbard - Part II

Finally... Here are the Andy Hardy pages that I've promised to post. You can see the original pencil script to te left and the printed page to the right.
Myself I find it interesting to compare and to see how close the artist follows the layouts provided in the script.

Al Hubbard did the finished art but who did the script? Hubbard himself or someone at Western?

Anyway, I guess that 1950's scripts from Western publishing rarely turns up so I hope you enjoy this post.


Steven Rowe said...

i would say that the script is probably the work of Gil Turner. hopefully someone will give a second opinion to confirm or deny.

Anonymous said...

Nice rendition of the bear in the last panel of the script. I actually think the script art makes the comedy point stronger than Hubbard's final version.

Jan B said...

I agree. More expression and cartooniness overall in the script.