Sunday, 19 July 2009


Back in the 40's and 50's, before it became a magazine more and more oriented towards porn, the magazine Lektyr featured some comics.
And they even used them to sell copies by making special cover art.
I was lucky to find two of those while browsing stacks of old magazines, during a vacation with my girlfriend and her family a few weeks ago.

Here's a 1945 cover featuring "Styrman Rask".

According to Hans Holm "Styrman Rask" was a Danish comic called "Styrmand Rask", written by Paul Hilsø and drawn by Helge Hansen.
It was created as a replacement for Flash Gordon in Dansk Familieblad 1942. (I guess they had problems getting material from the syndicate during WWII.) It ran in Lektyr in Sweden 1945 - 1954.

And here we have "Styrman Rask".

In the same issue we also find "Bill vid ridande polisen" ("King of the Royal Mounted") and "Filimon", a Swedish comic by Helge Forsslund.

1958 "Lance" was introduced. And naturally he graced the cover too.


Smurfswacker said...

Interesting to see Lance here. As I understand it, Warren Tufts syndicated that strip himself; does this mean he sold it directly to Lektyr?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

The first Lance page lacks any syndicate information. But later pages has a "Copyright Europa-Press" label.
This means that Europa-Press (A Swedish syndicate) distributed and sold Lance in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Helge Forsslunds serie heter Filimon.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I just spelled it wrong but have changed it now.