Saturday, 25 July 2009

Looking for Barney and Snuffy

[Edit: Found the book for only $8. :) ]
I'm trying to find Brian Walker's "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith" book. If you have a copy on your shelf in decent condition that you want to part with please drop me a line at sekvenskonst at telia dot com

I'm also looking for Barney Google newspaper strips from the 30's and early 40's.
Other newspaper strips I'm looking for includes
*The Adventures of Patsy by Mel Graff and Charles Raab
*Gus and Gussie by Paul Fung
*Dumb Dora by Paul Fung and Bil Dwyer
If you want to complete your own collection of the above strips I can always trade copies.



barney daniels said...

have original pen ink barney google and other comics some editoral by my father bill daniels and others 40 50 60 70the yeas he worked for fred lasswell and mark trail comic strip mr lasswell nicknamed me barney contact here or 470 rockman lane defuniak springs fl 32433 850 855 8401 ty

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Hi, Barney!
Would be nice to see the stuff you got! I didn't know the name of Lasswells assistant so this info is new to me! :)
Always interesting to learn more about the people behind the strips.
Please write to
sekvenskonst at
as I can't make out the meaning of that combination of numbers. (I live in Sweden.)

ssake1 said...

I have a cartoon that I privately commissioned from your Dad around 1990. I worked for Marci Saucedo, a relative (I forget what relation), and when I asked him, he was willing to draw my concept for a reasonable fee. Would be glad to share a copy.