Friday, 31 July 2009

Popeye at Jody's Bar

Do you have a hand colored Popeye piece from the 30's?
It might be worth $13.500!!!
Or not.

Sometimes I'm just amazed when I see the stuff people put up on eBay thinking they found a fortune in the attic. The piece above is for sale right now with the following description. Remember this is a "once in a lifetime opportunity"!!!

"Amazing Large 1930’s Popeye Original Cartoon Artwork. Original one-of-a-kind ink and watercolor artwork on board of Popeye, Olive Oil, Bluto and Sweet Pea at “Jody’s Bar.” It is unclear if this was done for a bar called “Jody’s”, or if they artist is referring to a “jodies” bar which is a drinking establishment near military bases where lonely women hang out while their husbands are away. Unfortunately Olive Oil dancing on the bar does not make it any easier to figure out. The piece is signed by the artist “Neely (?)”. The letters “EELY” are easy to read however the first character appears to be either an “N” or “K”. Size is 22 x 32’’. Undated, but appears to be 1930’s and guaranteed vintage. A couple of very minor and small scrapes on the surface are visible under close inspection as are a few minor surface wrinkles (all small). Housed in a vintage wood frame. Once in a lifetime opportunity!


BTW: Great that it's guaranteed! I feel so much better knowing that.
I wonder if any sucker actually falls for this?


Smurfswacker said...

Recently I saw a Charles Dana Gibson "original" on ebay for I don't remember how many thousands of dollars. It was offered with much fanfare by a "fine art dealer" but anyone familiar with CDG could see it was an amateur copy. I like to think the best of people, and that the dealer was simply an ignoramus, but he listed the magazine and date in which the piece had appeared. Significantly, there was no scan of the printed copy to compare the "original" to. This suggests deliberate fraud. *Sigh!*

Anonymous said...

Segar drawing ? Yeah right !

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

So very NOT Segar. :)