Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Norman Rockwell doing a Disney cover!

Did you know that Norman Rockwell once painted a "Walt Disney's Comics and Stories" cover? Well, not one that was used on the cover of the comic book, but in one of his paintings you can see the cover of WDC&S 111 on the comic book rack in the left corner.The title of the painting is Shuffleton's Barbershop and was published on cover of The Saturday Evening Post, April 29, 1950.

And here's the cover of WDC&S 111, December 1949.

[I don't know if the above is common knowledge among fans, but I still thought it would be worth sharing.]

For more on Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell see THIS post on Tagtoonz.

Edit: After redaing Timos comment I searched the Grand Comics Database, looking for what the title above the WDC&S might be. And it seems that it's mostly based on Crime does not pay #79 with a little bit of Crime and Punishment #19 (The man in the bottom left corner.) Both covers drawn by Charles Biro. Thanks, Timo!


Anonymous said...

You have to admire Norman Rockwell for his attention (or should I say addiction) to detail(he's a wonderful artist). Wonder how long it took painting that cover. And you have a sharp eye to spot those Disney Ducks. Thanks!

Timo R said...

Is that "Crime Does Not Pay" above it? "C" just left out. Or could it be a magazine for poor illiterate poets (rhyme)? ;-)

Håkan / Wakuran said...

A barbershop having four copies of every comic book? Does it sell them off for extra revenue, or are they trying to avoid fights between siblings and friends being cut on the same time?

Hmm, was the C censored out, because it didn't fit in in Rockwell's ideal world? Makes one wonder...