Monday, 27 July 2009

Calling all Modesty Blaise collectors

The editor of the Swedish Agent X9 comic book, Johan Kimrin, is looking for help. Modesty Blaise is currently beeing reprinted from the very beginning and to make the reprints the best possible he is looking for collectors willing to share their original Modesty artwork.

As many of you know the proofs available aren't always the best and much of Jim Holdaways delicate line work has been lost.
Thanks to collectors like Roger Clark and Tommy Trask he's been able to put together a large part of the first two adventures straight from the original art. And the printed result is fantastic. Just click on the panel below to see how good it can look when you work with good source material.

Now we are looking for artwork from the fourth adventure and later ones. (Strip #355 and onwards.)
So if you have Jim Holdaway artwork that you want to share please get in touch with Johan. His mail address is
johan dot kimrin at egmont dot se
Every one that contributes will be mentioned in the comic book if so desired. The scans should be 600 dpi gray scale or color. Jpeg files works fine.

I hope that as many as possible out there will want to join this project. :)


Germund said...

Count me in!

Modesty Blaise said...

Hi Sekvenskonst, would you like me to post this on my Modesty Blaise blog?

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

That would be great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love Holdaway's inking, lite that Tarrant figure. I seem to recognize that style of inking from some 1960's advertising art, like in the wrinkles on men's costumes. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I saw this new Modesty in the Agent X9 magazine. You have cut the original strips and drawings!!!

Sorry, I didn't like it at all.

Tero fron Finland

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

Tero: Because the strips are printed in a comic book. If the strips were printed without rearranging them they would be very, very small.