Monday, 20 July 2009

Woody Hackspett

My friend Germund just sent me a photo of this sheet music from 1948. It's the Woody Woodpecker ("Hacke Hackspett" in Swedish) song, that was a hit in the States.
But, I wonder if the Swedish publishers had any idea at all what Woody Woodpecker looked like...

Edit: Here's the cover to the US version of the sheet music. See how similar yet very, very different they are.


Smurfswacker said...

"Your Hit Parade" was an old radio show that presented the week's top songs sung by the program's "staff" of performers. There's a recording of a "Hit Parade" in which this song was sung by young Frank Sinatra. You ain't heard nothing until you've heard Frank croon, "Ha ha ha haaa ha."

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: Maybe they didn't want to seek permission from Walter Lantz to print the "real" Woody Woodpecker. Maybe they only had rights to the sheet music.