Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Even more Raymond...

As promised here are some more Alex Raymond photos. There are more to be seen but I don't want to shove them all down your throats at once. Some of you probably prefer to see photos of babes dressed up in bunny suits instead of photos of a cartoonist that died more than 50 years ago. Right? But what do I care?
Here are Raymond in his prime. Enjoy!

First off is a photo of a younger Alex. This was shot in late 1940. (Date on back of photo is Dec. 24.)

Here he is in 1950 with Rube Goldberg and Milton Caniff! Anyone knows what happened with the artwork he was presented? Reproduced anywhere?

Here he is seen signing something in 1950. Anyone knows what and who the other people on the photo are?

OK! OK! Now I'm getting tired of Alex photos myself.
Let's see... What do I have here? A photo of a babe in a bunny suit!
You knew it, didn't ya?
Info for Bunny spotters: This is Lori Lancester picking cotton (For her tail?) in 1962.

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